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Moroccan handcraft made - Konuz Onlineshop
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Moroccan handcraft made

Konuz Online Shop focuses on quality. That is why most of the traditional Moroccan items that can be purchased here are handcrafted.
The production by hand is a bit more expensive, but quality instead of quantity is an important principle that Konuz is committed to. Traditionally, Moroccan products have been handcrafted for ages. One of the characteristics of the craft is individuality. The decoration of the wax wind lights, for example, makes each piece unique. Due to the smaller production quantities, Konuz can respond much better to customer requests.
Handcraft is an absolute quality feature, especially with argan oil. The pressing of argan fruits by hand is much more laborious, but hand-pressed argan oil cannot be compared in quality with its equivalent from industrial production.
Moroccan handicraft has a long tradition. Konuz is primarily about products to feel good or to beautify the living space. Who wouldn’t want to rely on quality and exclusivity here?
An important advantage of manual labor also relates to the working conditions. The products that Konuz offers are not industrially manufactured products. Moroccan farmers and artisans manufacture the natural products by hand. As a result, they have much better living and working conditions than in industry. On the one hand, because the products bring more profit, but on the other hand, because the working conditions in small craft businesses are simply much fairer. Most of the money does not go to a European middleman, but stays with the artisans themselves. In the last few years, women’s cooperatives have been set up, especially for oil production, which has been the job of Berber women for centuries. The women press the oil by hand at home and then bring it to a cooperative for marketing. The oil from Morocco from these cooperatives is naturally handcrafted because it is pressed according to age-old work processes, and the women can make a financial contribution to their farms that also really benefits the local farmers.