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With these bowls you put your dishes in the limelight, they are ideal for dips, crackers, nuts or sauces that are served with meals. But the bowl is not only useful, it also simply looks good. The glaze in bright colors creates a wonderful contrast to the finely chiseled edge and the nickel silver base. The French term for nickel silver, which is also used in Morocco, is “Maillechort”. The robust alloy makes everyday life in the modern kitchen easy.

Pottery has a long tradition in Morocco. Treasures like this bowl are still made by hand on the potter’s wheel. After molding, they are fired in a pottery kiln and then painted, glazed and decorated – also by hand. A second firing process makes the dishes durable and resistant. The small serving bowl can be washed by hand. Each of our colorful bowls is handcrafted and unique – small deviations and irregularities are therefore not a quality defect, but make each one something very special

Opt for serving bowls in one color to create a uniform look or choose bowls in different colors for more variety. All bowls have the silver edge in common and thus create a harmonious overall picture even in colorful combinations. Regardless of whether you serve desserts, salads or snacks in these Moroccan bowls: every dish is shown off perfectly in the stylish oriental dishes.

Manufacturer: made for Konuz Casablanca Morocco
Material: made of glazed clay
Colors: black + rose + turquoise + red + yellow + majorelle blue
Weight: about 1680g
Dimensions: about H7 cm Ø 12cm
Scope of delivery: 6 pieces

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Gift items, handicrafts, home accessories
Craftsmanship is a great asset to life and for everyone. Artisan
have learned their work and put their skills and all their love in every single part around 100
% to produce handmade and also hand-painted products. So every part becomes unique
Exclusive wishes are our specialty
The goal we set ourselves is to fulfill every customer’s wish, no matter how
unusual and exotic it is. Our customers are bespoke craftsmanship
Custom orders important. The works designed by our artisans are
Giftware, home accessories and decorative items. All of our products are 100%
Moroccan handicrafts for garden, terrace and balcony. With these unique products
get the Moroccan flair for a cozy atmosphere in your home. So everyone gives
Artisans all their skills to make you happy as a customer. Because our articles are included
thought to the heart and made by hand, simply unique!
Our home accessories are products with personality – this is the guiding principle of each of ours
Article from.
Traditional handicrafts from Morocco
When you think of Morocco, you can see the incredible variety of products in your mind’s eye
from selected raw materials in the most beautiful colors.
Our customers can choose the material from which their new home accessories are made
should. We have items made of wood, iron, leather, brass, copper or from our traditional one
Mosaic. You can also choose your favorite color that suits the interior. They have
the idea of ​​your new designer piece and we will put it into practice. We do everything to
To give you the opportunity to design your ideas according to your own personal ideas.
You can be absolutely certain that we only use natural, high-quality raw materials. she
will soon have a design that you have come up with and that we have created
Diverse product range
Our products are very diverse and extraordinary. You get in our online shop
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Moroccan artisans with a long tradition
All of our products are made from high quality materials and ensure that your
At home in a new shine or like our scented candles in a new scent. The
Scented candle Zabra with the bewitching name “Charme Du Maroc” is a great addition to yours
Flat. Each color has its own unique smell. The stylish containers of the
Scented candles are handmade from hammered metal. Each container is of a different color
Tassel decorated. Our jewelry, on the other hand, underlines the beauty of its wearer
unique pieces that draw everyone’s attention. Our earrings are little treasures of the Orient,
because they are made from the pure natural product horn and then combined with metal
become. This makes each earring a lovingly crafted one-off, from a master of his
Made professionally.
Our key rings are also unparalleled. They are also made of horn and
have their own grains as a natural product. Every keychain is unique and
partly decorated with applications. The horn key rings are in
to get different colors and shapes, brushed or hammered.
Sustainable and ecological products
Every product from the Konuz online shop is made from sustainable and ecological materials
manufactured. We make an important contribution to the environment.
The horn is a by-product and has been used for many, many years. The stock of
Animals are not endangered despite using the horn. Handicrafts from Morocco have a long history
Tradition. Our jewelry is fair trade and is lovingly handcrafted by craftsmen in
Morocco, with whom we have been working for a long time.
We are all the people who work our unique products in masterful work
manufacturing, fair wages and their families receive social support.
At Konuz, the environment is protected so that beautiful things can be made for you for a long time
can be.
Handmade pieces are similar, but are never the same. Small irregularities or
Deviations from the picture are no reason for complaint.
Logo or company name
Available with logo or company name from 20 pieces according to individual specifications, delivery time approx. 6-8
Ideal for the catering and hotel industry, but also for private purposes
Also perfect as a guest gift or gift idea for Christmas


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