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Tea pot - Konuz Onlineshop
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Tea pot
An insider tip for tea lovers is the oriental teapot from Konuz. The basic part of the jug is brass. But the highlight is the typical Moroccan painting and decoration. Tea has a long tradition in Morocco and is indispensable to the culture of this country.

The lid of the jug is also painted and decorated and has a color-coordinated tassel. The handle of the jug is kept in brass look.

The teapot is available in different colors, all of which have the same decorations. All jugs are decorated with typical Moroccan ornaments and decorated in bright colors and look like jugs from 1001 nights. Because the decorations in Moroccan handicrafts have been applied by hand, the teapots are unfortunately not dishwasher-safe. The decorations can also differ slightly from each other.

Color: gray – black

Dimensions: approx.H18cm

Capacity: approx. 700 cl

Preparing tea in Morocco

Moroccan peppermint tea – tea preparation in Morocco
The Moroccan national drink is the delicious and sweet mint tea that is found in the countries of the world
Maghreb is served at every meeting with friends or relatives. Guests in
Morocco is generally welcomed with Moroccan mint tea. But also for
Closing a deal and of course for all family celebrations, Moroccan tea is considered
special ritual prepared and offered.
Moroccan tea ceremony – the preparation of tea
First you put a tablespoon of green tea in a Moroccan jug with about 400 ml
Capacity and pour a little water over it. Then this brew is on a
Gas flame brought to a boil. One does not use this brew, but tilts it away. His
Production only serves to ensure that the mint tea does not taste too bitter. A little bundle of fresh
harvested Moroccan mint is now added to the tea leaves remaining in the pot.
The jug is filled to the brim with water and heated on an open fire for 1-2 minutes,
until the water starts to boil. After the mixture is thoroughly drawn through, take it
Teapot from the fire and add a lot of sugar, usually in the form of a stick.
Then the pouring ceremony can begin. The host presents the
colorful or ornate tea glasses on a traditional tea tray. It is round, usually stands
on small feet and is lovingly decorated with ornaments. The teapot is about 30 to 40 cm
Maintained high and the glasses filled with a very thin stream of tea. The tea from the
Tea glasses now come back into the jug and this process is repeated up to 5 times.
Only then has a delicious blend of aromatic tea and sugar foam been created. Still
the sweeter the tea, the more welcome the guest is!
A special ritual is the tea ceremony. It is not for nothing that it is the national drink in Morocco.
It is valued for its thirst-quenching effect and invigorating freshness.
In addition, the Moroccan “nano mint”, the varieties of which are the Moroccan mint (Mentha spicata
Morocco) belongs. In addition to the tea culture, the mint is also used as a herb in the kitchen
and in the form of dried bushes, it is used to repel insects.
The basis is the green tea variety. A wide variety of herbs then become this basic ingredient
admitted. The most popular and best known is probably the Moroccan mint – also called
Nano mint. Lemon balm, thyme, sage and wormwood are also popular.
Hand-decorated teapots and hand-painted tea glasses
In our online shop you will find a variety of oriental teapots and tea glasses
Morocco. Either silver-colored with a hammer blow or made of painted brass with filigree
Embellishments. They are applied by hand and reflect the importance of tea culture
Morocco again. The tea glasses are either transparent and decorated with delicate ornaments
or hand painted in intense colors. They are made from recycled glass and are hand blown.
The excellent quality is reflected in the high quality workmanship and manufacture in
young family business in Morocco. We pay particular attention to ecological
Manufacturing and fair trade.
No Moroccan tea ceremony without pastries
Moroccan pastries are part of every tea ceremony. The most famous biscuits in the country
are the chebakia, a deep-fried pastry particle coated with honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Also
Moroccan almond cookies, Ghriba, are often offered for tea. The Moroccan
Kitchen offers a variety of crispy biscuit biscuits or puff pastries depending on the occasion
or season to be served to guests at a tea ceremony.
At Konuz, the environment is protected so that beautiful things can be made for you for a long time to come
can be.
Handmade pieces are similar, but are never the same. Small irregularities or
Deviations from the picture are no reason for complaint.
Logo or company name
Available with logo or company name from 20 pieces according to individual specifications, delivery time approx. 6-8
Ideal for the catering and hotel industry, but also for private purposes
Also perfect as a guest gift or gift idea for Christmas
Resellers and bulk buyers please contact us by email


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