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Gift items, craftsmanship

The craftsmanship is a great enrichment for life and for each individual. Craftsmen have learned their work and put their skills and all their love into every single part to produce 100% handmade and also hand-painted products. This way, each part is unique. Exclusive wishes are our specialty
The goal we have set ourselves is to satisfy every customer’s wish, no matter how unusual and exotic they are. Custom-made craftsmanship and custom-made products are important to our customers. The works designed by our craftsmen are gift items, home accessories and decorative items. All of our products are 100% Moroccan handicrafts for the garden, terrace and balcony. With these unique products you get the Moroccan flair for a cozy atmosphere in your home. Every craftsman gives all his skills to make you, the customer, happy. Because our articles are thought with the heart and made by hand, simply unique!
Our home accessories are products with personality – this leitmotif characterizes each of our articles.

Traditional craftsmanship from Morocco

When you think of Morocco, you see in your mind’s eye the unbelievable variety of products made from exquisite raw materials in the most beautiful colors.
Our customers can choose which material their new home accessory should be made of. We have articles made of wood, iron, leather, brass, copper, aluminum, glasses, typical or from our traditional mosaic. You can also choose your favorite color, which matches the interior perfectly. You have the idea of ​​your new designer piece and we will put it into practice. We do everything to give you the opportunity to design your ideas according to your own personal requirements. You can be absolutely sure that we only use natural and high-quality raw materials. You will soon be able to call a design you have thought up and manufactured by us your own.

Diverse product range

Our products are very diverse and extraordinary. In our online shop you get antique and modern: from extraordinary ashtrays, scented candles in different colors, scented lamps, ceramic pottery, leather belts, oriental jewelry, typical teapots and tea glasses to natural gifts, we have everything in a large selection.

Moroccan artisans with a long tradition

All our products are made from high-quality materials and ensure that your home shines in a new shine or, as with our scented candles, in a new scent. The scented candle Zabra with the beguiling name “Charme Du Maroc” is a great addition to your home. Each color has its very own extraordinary smell. The stylish containers of the scented candles are handcrafted from hammered metal. Each container is adorned with a different colored tassel. Our jewelry, on the other hand, underlines the beauty of its wearer, who draws everyone’s attention with unique pieces. Our earrings are little treasures of the Orient, as they are made from the pure natural product horn and then combined with metal. This makes each earring a lovingly crafted one-of-a-kind, made by a master of his trade.

Our key rings are also looking for their equal. They are also made of horn and, as a natural product, have their own grain. Each key ring is unique and sometimes lavishly decorated with applications. The horn key rings are available in different colors and shapes, brushed or hammered.

Sustainable and ecological products

Every product from the Konuz online shop is made from sustainable and ecological materials. We make an important contribution to the environment.
The horn is a by-product and has been used for many, many years. The population of the animals is not endangered despite the use of the horn. Handicrafts from Morocco have a long tradition. Our jewelry is fair trade and is lovingly handcrafted by craftsmen in Morocco with whom we have been working for a long time.

With us, all the people who produce our unique products with masterful work are fairly remunerated and their families are socially supported.
At Konuz, the environment is protected so that wonderful things can be made for you for a long time to come.
Handcrafted pieces are similar but never the same. Small irregularities or deviations from the picture are not grounds for complaint.

Logo or company name

Available with logo or company name from 20 pieces according to individual specifications, delivery time approx. 6-8 weeks
Ideal for the catering and hotel industry, but also for private use
Also perfect as a gift or gift idea for Christmas
Resellers and bulk buyers please contact us by email.